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Book Chapter Title Name of the Publisher ISBN Year Link of the Document
Council of Ministers: A Contemplation Since Ancient Times Sapatrishi Publications 978-93-88977-48-7 2019
Illegal Bangladeshi Migration into India: A Case Study of Precarious Issues Sapatrishi Publications 978-93-88977-50-0 2019
Office of the Indian Prime Minister: Chronicle Since Independence Sapatrishi Publications 978-93-88977-49-4 2019
Women in Contemporary India: Issues, Realities & Perspectives Gracious Books 978-93-80906-25-6 2011
Terrorism: An Indian Ordeal Gracious Books 9788-1904-8632-2 2009
SAARC: An Indian Perspective Gracious Books 81-964624-2-7 2009
Nehru's Contribution to the Healthy International Relations Anubhav Publishing House 978-93-80134-29-1 2012
V.P Singh: Social Engineer or Destroyer of Social Harmony in India Ankur Book Distributors 978-93-93247-12-4 2022
Illegal Migration in South Asia: A Review of Bangladeshi Migration into India Nova Science 9781536176438 2020
Ethical Issues in Advertising: An Empirical Study Regal Publication 978-81-8484-611-9 2016
Higher Education in India S.K Jain and Sons 978-81-923520-3-9 2012
Ethical Goverce: An Indian Scriptures Perspective Regal Publication 978-81-8484- 608-9 2016
Women Participation in Panchayati Raj Institutions: Problems and Solutions Gracious Books 978-93-80906- 25-6 2011
Women Entrepreneurship in India: Measuring Progress and Recognizing Challenges Twenty First Century Publications 978-93-8014- 531-0 2014
Book Chapter Title Name of the Publisher ISBN Year Link of the Document
लौह पुरुष सरदार बल्लभ भाई पटेल : जीवन दर्शन व् राष्ट्र निर्माण में भूमिका/भारत विभाजन का प्रश्न एवं सरदार पटेल देवयानी पब्लिशर्स एंड डिस्ट्रीब्यूटरस: दिल्ली -110042 978-81-93751-01-0 2022
Book Chapter Title Name of the Publisher ISBN Year Link of the Document
History and Contemporaneity of Solar Energy: An Indian Perspective (Chapter) Garud Prakashan Private Ltd ISBN 979-8-88575-098-1 2023 Link
Global Economy and Financial Architecture (IMF, World Bank) (Chapter) IGNOU ISBN:978-93-5568-060-0 2021 Link
Working of MNCs and TNCs (Chapter) IGNOU ISBN:978-93-5568-060-0 2021 Link