Dean Student's Welfare Message

Prof. Sunil Kumar Thakur

Dean Students' Welfare
Central University of Himachal Pradesh

Welcome to Central University of Himachal Pradesh located in the lap of Dhauladhar Mountains, Himachal Pradesh and established under the Central University act 2009. The University has eleven thoughts of schools and 24 departments who are imparting education to post graduate programs and under graduate program of study. The University has well established research group in the field of sciences and legacy in Business schools and teacher education in the region. The core values of the institute include qualities like are Integrity, Exploration, Determination, and Compassion and believes in sustainable development of students development.

We at Central University of Himachal Pradesh support students, staff, faculty and families, at their heights of achievement, their most challenging situation, and everything in between. Autonomy and Self-Empowerment are the two key words in the campus. Our focus is on nurturing intellectual power and transforms them to suit the requirement of the modern corporate life through participative learning. The University supports array of Student welfare service including student support, wellbeing and learning support, scholarships and financial support, career guidance, student's information service, Grievance Redressal, Community Service, Mental Health & counselling Service, Safety and security of students.

The Department of Students Welfare (DSW) plays a key role in enabling our University to shape students'. It serves as a liaison between the students and the administration, making it a student care and supervision centre. DSW closely cooperates with the students ranging across all years to delegate and organise academic counselling, co-curricular events, leadership and social programs. This promotes the development of an environment that instils into the student's values that grooms them into responsible and valued citizens of our nation.

I wish you all success in your career and looking ahead to meet you at NDIM.


  • To provide support to the educational process of students for advancement in their academic & personal attributes.
  • To carve them as the best version of themselves.
  • To provide solutions to the problems that may affect student`s learning through professional advice and help.

Prof. Manoj K. Saxena

Central University of Himachal Pradesh

The students enrolled in different disciplines are the future builders of this nation. It is imperative to nourish them in an environment where they could grow up as well-mannered, refined and enlightened citizens of the country. As we all are aware that for smooth functioning of the University, the law and order must be maintained to sustain inductive academic atmosphere in the Campus.
This task has been assigned to the Proctorial Board of the Central University of Himachal Pradesh which has following mandate for the accomplishment of the said purpose:

  • Monitoring the disciplinary atmosphere among the students community.
  • Maintain liaison with the State administration in matters regarding the law and order in the campus.
  • Taking preventive steps such as issuance of notices, warnings, instructions, regulating certain acts and other arrangements for the purpose of forestalling acts of individual and collective indiscipline.
  • Regulation and maintenance of vehicular traffic in the University premises and their parking.
  • Providing security for various examinations and admission tests to ensure free and fair conduct of examination.

Prof. Pradeep Nair

Central University of Himachal Pradesh

Dear Boarders,
I extend my sincere welcome to all the residents of CUHP hostels!
It gives us great pleasure to welcome you all to the CUHP Hostels, which give you a comfortable and healthy environment with total safety and security in the hostels.

CUHP offers hostel facilities for both male and female students. For both male and female, there are three separate hostels, one for male students (at Kangra), two for female students (at Dharamshala and Dehra). The hostels are well furnished and having the facilities like round the clock security, Wi-Fi connectivity, power backup, medical, gym, sports etc.
The Mess facility on cooperative basis is available for the boarders, and they are free to choose the menu items and the types of food that best fit their tastes. The hostel's hygiene and cleanliness are properly maintained, and all residents are required to keep their rooms neat and clean.

In addition to making sure that the CUHP hostels are neat, clean, and comfortable for your stay, we also work to instil moral principles like sincerity, commitment, and involvement in all residents. We encourage self-discipline among the boarders since we know it is essential for success.
My best wishes for your successful stay at CUHP hostels and bright academic careers!