Special Guidance Centre

Special Guidance Centre


Differently-abled people generally face a lot of difficulties to access education at all levels and spheres. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment and University Grants Commission places impetus on all Universities to involve and empower differently-abled persons in all educational education activities. It has been felt that differently-abled persons need some special infrastructural arrangements for their mobility and independent functioning in their role. It is also a fact that many institutions have infrastructural, architectural, intellectual or financial barriers that disabled persons find difficult for their seamless functioning, growth and development.


An academic milieu where all human including people with experience of disability will have the at par fragrance of participation and productivity in expedition of knowledge, skill and wisdom.


In the light of our vision, the Special Guidance Centre paves the way for recognizing disability as a valued aspect of miscellany and tries to develop inclusive access approach in the university

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UGC Notification on Special Guidance Centre
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