Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


The School of Humanities and Languages envisions engaging students/scholars from India and abroad in interdisciplinary/intercultural dialogue by training them to have solid grounding in their choicest programmes of study and also facilitating their understanding regarding importance of humanities in the present scenario despite slant toward sciences. The purpose is to enable students see that humanities and sciences, rather than being conflicting, have multiple complimentary facets that help both grow mutually. The School shall provide platform for students, researchers, eminent scholars, writers and visiting professors of national and international repute to interact with students in intellectually stimulating environment. It also seeks to offer deeper insights and develop newer perspectives vis-à-vis understanding and interpretation of disciplines such as literature, history, culture, linguistics and philosophy to students besides equipping them with latest and most effective pedagogical techniques.

Mission & Objectives

The mission and objectives of the School of Humanities and Languages are:

  • to encourage free spirit of inquiry among PG and RD students thereby ensuring innovativeness and novelty of ideas to sharpen critical and creative curve of their thinking
  • to enlarge the scope of interdisciplinary dialogue via bringing in people of eminence from different streams such as literature, films, media, theatre, painting/art, philosophy, history and politics to deliver talks, conduct workshops and formal/informal discussions
  • to collaborate with institutes/centers of humanities in different universities in India and across the world thereby translating the Vision of CUHP into reality
  • to facilitate learning in free and fearless manner so as to have global edge in the pursuit of knowledge and ideas in highly challenging intellectual environment of today
  • to build strong theoretical base of students/scholars to meet professional challenges in future and also to equip them with life skills to meaningfully connect with their immediate environs and also contribute at socio-cultural level to effect positive changes
  • to encourage a debating culture which is dialogue oriented
  • to establish fully furnished state of the art Language Lab fully equipped with latest gadgets and high quality acoustics for the benefit of learners across different programmes of study