Re-evaluation Reappear and Main Result and Reappear UG & PG I, II &III Semester Examination Result (Academic Year 2019-20 ) & (Academic Session2018-20)

1st Sem MSc Chemistry, 3rd Sem MA New Media, 3rd Sem MSc CBB, 1st Sem BA Sanskrit, 1st Sem MSc IT, 3rd Sem MA History, 3rd Sem MA Economics, 1st Sem MA Economics, 3rd Sem MA sanskrit, 3rd Sem MSW, 3rd Sem MBA, 1st Sem MSW, 3rd Sem MSc Zoology, 3rd Sem MA English, 3rd Sem MSc Chemistry, 2nd Sem MA Education, 3rd Sem MSc IT
18-07-2020 15:49:27