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Department of Library Science

PG Programme
The university offers an Integrated dual degree Programme in Library and Information Sciences in the School of Mathematics, Computer and Information Sciences. Students are admitted through a common entrance test called FEAT (Further Education Admission Test), with a total intake of 30 students.
A student admitted to M. Lib. Sci. (Integrated dual degree programme), if opts out after successfully completing two semesters with 40 PG credits, shall be awarded the degree of B. Lib. Sci. Those who thus opt out shall be eligible to lateral entry if they return to the University within the next two years to complete remaining two semesters and get the desired degree of M. Lib. Sci.

RD Programme
Students in RD programmes (M. Phil. /Ph.D.) are admitted through a common entrance test called TREAT (The Research Entrance Aptitude Test), with an intake of 10 students. Completion of M. Phil. Programme requires 60 credits whereas Ph.D. is of 120 credits.

The successful completion of these programmes will open students a variety of job opportunities both in public and private sectors.